To open Internet Explorer

  • “Start Internet Explorer” or use open desktop shortcut.

To go to a web page

  • “Go back”, “to forward”, “go home”, “go to the home page”.
  • “Go to address”, or “go to address bar”.
  • Press F4” or press function 4” will go to the address bar and show the drop-down list
  • “favourites” to go to the favourites menu.
  • To add a page to your favourites say “favourites “, then “add to favourites”. Choose names that Dragon will easily recognise.
  • “View history”.

To move in a web page

  • “Move up / down number” e.g. “Move up 5”.
  • “Page up / down”.
  • “Start scrolling up / down”, “Stop scrolling”.
  • “Speed up” / “Slow down”.

To search the web

  • “Search the web” / “open search”.
  • Dictate the search terms then say “press enter” or “search”.

To go to an active link

  • Say the name of the link (providing the name is recognizable to Dragon) OR “click” then the name of the link.
  • If the name of the text link is long, just say the first two or three words – enough to distinguish it from other links.
  • Alternatively, say “text” or “click text link”. This will number all the links that are a word or phrase. Then say “choose number” e.g. “choose 5” or simply “5”.
  • If a link or icon does not have a visible label, try hovering the mouse pointer over it – if a label appears you can try to voice it. Alternatively, you could say “click image”.

To open an image

  • “Click image”, or “image” will number the images then say “choose number e.g. “choose 5”.

To go to the first text box, e.g.: a search box

  • “Text” / “type text” / “edit box”/ “text field” / “click edit box” / “click text field”.

To click a check box, list box or radio button

  • “Check box” / “list box” / “radio button” to number the buttons, then choose the number you want.

To print a web page

  • “Print page”.

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