• headsets are the optimum type of phone for people with RSI
  • cordless models stop you cradling the phone, and you can change your position regularly
  • use speaker phones; however, these have the disadvantage of a lack of privacy, and the reduction of sound quality
  • keypads which are easy-touch models are much better than ordinary touch-dial phones
  • alternatively you can use a pencil to operate an ordinary touch-dial phone
  • automatic or voice-activated dialling devices can be purchased
  • remember to use your phone’s memory!
  • get a hands-free set for your mobile – that way you can put the mobile in a bag or pocket and still talk
  • if you own a smart phone, take advantage of the in-built voice operated navigation and control software (see your phone information booklet for more information).

Note: Discount prices for the above are available through your telephone company’s disabilities service, which covers RSI sufferers.

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