• Soap dispensers in public bathrooms are often empty and waste hand energy. Carry disposable handwipes, and soapless hand cleanser
  • Using an electric toothbrush may help, but be aware they do vibrate
  • You can buy toothpaste from a pump dispenser, this may be easier than squeezing a tube
  • Invest in good quality nail clippers, or try punch clippers


  • Buy easy-to-wear clothing
  • Buy skirts and pants with elastic waists
  • Dress in layers so you don’t have to manage very heavy garments
  • Use knee-high stockings, or buy devices to help put on socks and pantyhose, and buy a shoe-horn
  • Avoid zippers and troublesome buttons (you can buy button fasteners in specialty catalogues), or use a coat hanger or hook to pull the zip up
  • Instead of difficult laces buy slip-on shoes or shoes with Velcro or elastic fastenings
  • Try stretch laces that you don’t have to do up
  • Buy cardigans or loose jumpers
  • Stretch knitted fabrics are easy to wash and put on, and often don’t need ironing
  • Hang your clothes after each wear, to reduce ironing
  • Putting clothes in the dryer reduces the need for ironing
  • After washing your clothes, hang them on coat hangers, or on a clothes horse to reduce ironing. Steam from the shower also decreases the need to iron clothes


  • Unscrew the top of the shampoo bottle so you don’t have to squeeze it, alternatively use a pump style shampoo
  • Hang your head down and don’t raise your arms when brushing or blow drying your hair
  • Use a lightweight hair dryer
  • Support your arm on a surface (for example your bed) whilst brushing or drying your hair
  • Use a wide-tooth comb for knots and tidying your hair
  • Cut your hair shorter
  • Perms can be easy-care hair styles, however, brushing your hair does provide a massage for your scalp, and can ease headaches
  • Buy a hair towel, these absorb more water than normal towels

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