A lot of products are designed for simplicity and cost saving rather than good ergonomics. Buying products designed for ergonomic comfort and to aid mobility conditions means you can work smarter and not harder, reducing and preventing RSI symptom flareups.

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Here are some examples of different product categories:

Double sided pegs

Vertical Mouse  

Orthoses (splints) for the hand and wrist may be helpful in some cases for managing pain and swelling and maintaining the correct alignment of joints

Button hooks can make doing up buttons easier.

Ergonomic Mop

Wireless earbuds

Wider pens

Many different types of jar, bottle and tube openers are now available.

A tap turner is a portable lever device that can assist with the turning action required to operate a tap

Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic kitchen utensils

Self-propelled electric lawnmower

Foot operated controls

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