Opening doors

  • Push doors using a hip, shoulder or foot.
  • Pull the door open by standing close to the door, turning the handle and walking backwards, holding your arm still.
  • Revolving doors should be moved by pressing on the outer edge (there is more leverage), or letting someone go first.
  • No doorbell? Tap with the umbrella, or something similar, or kick the door. Alternatively call on your mobile to let the person know when you will be arriving.
  • Elevator buttons can be pushed with an elbow or knuckle.
  • Keys can be covered with a keyholder.
  • At home, invest in special handles covering the door knob, and apply a little EasyGlide as a lubricant to stiff locks and knobs.


  • If you use a shoulder bag, carry it across your body.
  • Look for backpacks with a supportive strap at waist level.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary items in your bag.
  • Look for big pockets in parkas, vests or jackets, and buy a pair of cargo pants, and use them to carry keys, wallets, etc.
  • Use firm containers like baskets or boxes which can be carried close to your body and rest on your hip or stomach.
  • Waist packs are available from outdoor shops.
  • Try a bumbags – these range from the very small and neat to large and capacious.
  • Use trolleys (e.g. laundry trolleys). You can take small parcels of wet clothes to the laundry basket stationed outside.

For more information on, take a look at our Helping Hand Sheet ‘Handles’.

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