More Info on RSI

The RSI Page by Paul Marxheusen

Written by Paul Marxheusen – a computer related RSI sufferer – this website contains books, websites and information about ergonomic practice and RSI.

RSI Vereniging – Dutch RSI Association (English Version)

An RSI Association aimed at preventing RSI and providing information on various aspects of overuse injuries. This website is the translated English version. Don’t be put off – most of the tabs are in English!

Tendon Pain

A very helpful evidence based website written by a freelance technical writer with a BSc and MSc from Stanford. This site is informed by the writer’s experience of chronic tendinosis caused by computing, as well as her scientific knowledge.

Help with Computing

Viva Voce: Voice Recognition Software and Training

A helpful business with lots of expertise in speech recognition software. They provide all the information and equipment you need to set up and use speech recognition software.


WorkPace is a software product designed to monitor your computer use and educate computer users about safe practices. You can buy it, or download a free trial at:

Finding Help in Australia

Arthritis Foundation

Membership of the Arthritis Association is open to people with RSI and entitles you to very low-cost hydrotherapy.


Care Inc. is a community organisation set up to ensure low income consumers are treated fairly and have support to overcome debt.

Independent Living Centre

These are the people who can tell you all about devices to help you carry out daily tasks. If you need to know what equipment will help you mow the lawn, cut the bread or bath the baby, they’re the people to talk to. If you visit, they have a lot of devices available to try and you can also make an appointment to discuss your particular problems with one of their OTs.

The Injured Workers Support Network

This is a great Australian resource for injured workers. It has information and contacts to help you in your dealings with the Workers’ Compensation System.

National Association of Community Legal Centres

Community Legal Centres (CLCs) are independently operating not-for-profit community organisations that provide legal and related services to the public, focusing on the disadvantaged and people with special needs.

Technical Aid to the Disabled

This is a group of technical whizzes who enjoy the challenge of creating new aids for people experiencing disabilities. If you need a device that isn’t commercially available, like a motorised stroller or an adjustable music stand, they will do their best to create something that meets your specifications. You only pay for materials.

Telstra Disability Enquiry Hotline

This is where you can find out about speaker phones and other kinds of specialised telephone products.

Tenants Advice Service

This is where you go if you’re having difficulty negotiating a rent increase or dealing with your landlord. They provide over the phone legal advice on tenancy matters. There are many tenants’ advice services across the country – a Google search may help you find the right one.

Volunteering Organisations

These organisations will help you find a satisfying and interesting volunteer position that takes into account your physical limitations.

Welfare Rights and Legal Centre

This service provides free legal advice, information and advocacy on: tenancy, social security, disability pension, AUSTUDY and youth allowance, legal aid appeals, consumer credit contacts.

Facebook: RSI & Musculoskeletal Support Group

A very active Facebook group of people with RSI who swap tips and experiences.


Beyond Blue

The National Depression Initiative of Australia, is working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorders in Australia. This website is a good first-stop for anyone struggling with depression as a result of an overuse injury.

The MoodGYM

An online therapy initiative aimed at people with depression, this website is useful for many people with RSI, as depression is a common problem amongst those with an overuse injury. Unfortunately, people with RSI may find their computer-based therapy difficult to use. However, lots of good information on therapies.

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