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Our members get help for RSI and also raise awareness and contribute to local research

Janine Robertson
It is well recognised that treatment for RSI and overuse injuries are inherently personal and each individual will have a different treatment or combination of treatments that work best for them.        
I had RSI symptoms and did not know what they were at the time. I saw many different specialists and had many medical scans and checks but there was no definitive injury or illness. I started to feel hopeless and was at my wits' end. After seeing a few more professionals I was referred to the ACT Pain Centre, where I was finally given a better understanding of my injury and pain, and a diagnosis of RSI. From here I found RSI ACT and I was able to get more resources and help with managing and treating my conditions. I am now working part time at RSI ACT in administrative support, including further research on RSI and informing our members through newsletters.
Anonymous Member
I developed a severe case of RSI and found that Dragon was able to assist me to continue working. I am keen to speak with other Dragon users. I am now semi-retired and works as a marriage celebrant. As you can imagine there is lots of paperwork to do and I would find it very difficult without the assistance of Dragon.
Anonymous Member
I have written a novel that explores what led to the RSI epidemic of the 1980s – 1990s, its effect on the sufferers, and the struggle that took place with the workers and the unions to establish the injury as work-related and not hysteria as being contended in the court cases that took place.
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