Help sheets

Listed below are a selection of our help sheets.

No.1 Making Driving Easier

No.2 Making Sewing Easier

No.3 In the Laundry

No.4 Getting on top of your Emails

No.5 In the Kitchen

No.6 Handles

No.7 Gadgets to Help with Medicines

No.8 Book Holders

No.9 Cycling

No.10 Writing and Pens

No.11 In the Garden

No.12 Your Posture at the Computer

No.13 Which Keyboard…

No.14 Heat Therapy for Pain

No.15 Break Software

No.16 Clickless Software

No.17 Making Holidays Easier

No.18 Coping with Flare-ups

No.19 10 Steps to Safer Computing

No.20 Children and RSI

No.21 Self Massage Videos

No.22 Meditation Apps

No.23 Computing without a Mouse

No.24 Progressive Muscle Relaxation

No.25 Making Mousing Easier: A Few Quick Tweaks

No.26 So You’ve Just Got RSI

No.27 Isometric Exercises

No.28 Sleep Apps and Tips

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  • A New Approach to Pain
  • Assistance Through Medicare
  • How to Sit at Your Computer
  • How to Win & Keep a Comcare Claim
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Injections for RSI
  • Managing Stress in Your Life
  • Managing Your Finances
  • Massage
  • Medical and Medico-Legal Appointments
  • Neck Pain
  • Pillows and RSI
  • Studying with RSI
  • Swimming with RSI
  • Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Voice Overuse
  • You Don’t Have to Live With Depression
  • Holidaying