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Please choose from the books available below. Payments are made through Paypal. RSI: A Self-Help Guide – only $19.50 With more than 150 pages of incredibly useful information on treatments, safer computing, chronic pain, and managing at home and at work. If you’re struggling with RSI, this is the book for you! Written by the team at the RSI and Overuse Injury Association, it

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Help sheets

Listed below are a selection of our help sheets. No.1 Making Driving Easier No.2 Making Sewing Easier No.3 In the Laundry No.4 Getting on top of your Emails No.5 In the Kitchen No.6 Handles No.7 Gadgets to Help with Medicines No.8 Book Holders No.9 Cycling No.10 Writing and Pens No.11 In the Garden No.12 Your Posture at the Computer No.13 Which Keyboard… No.14 Heat

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Overuse injury FAQs

“My doctor says I have cervico brachial neurological syndrome (CBNS), but I can’t find any information about it. Could I have RSI?” There seem to be a million names for RSI! Cervicobrachial neurological syndrome is one of the newer ones, as is cervicobrachialgia. RSI – for repetitive strain injury – was used to describe the epidemic that occurred in Australia in the 1980s. It

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