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RSI: A Self-Help Guide and 1 year’s membership

If you’re struggling with RSI, this is the book for you!

Written by the team at the RSI and Overuse Injury Association, RSI: A Self-Help Guide brings together the experience of scores of people with RSI as well as a host of medical research. There are lots of ideas from fellow RSI’ers on managing everyday life, including reading, gardening, cooking, sleep and sex.

Chapters on managing pain, depression and stress will help you manage the emotional consequences of RSI, and info on therapies and their evidence base will help you make the right choice. This book is very comprehensive, covering medications, workers compensation, voice operated computing, safer computing, tennis elbow and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Our readers say:

“upbeat and practical…easily the best”

“I learnt so much – have stopped wasting my time and money on useless therapies and feel I’m finally getting somewhere”

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