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We’re here to help you with your RSI! We’re a non-profit charity organisation based in the ACT that help those coping with RSI. We’re here to help you with your RSI! We’re a non-profit charity organisation based in the ACT… (see more)

Think you might have RSI?

It's time to talk to your doctor if you have any of these symptoms in your hands, arms, neck or shoulders and they come on during or after work:
  • tingling,
  • weakness in the arms or shoulders,
  • clumsiness,
  • painful sore arms, neck or shoulders,
  • difficulty doing everyday tasks,
  • cold hands.
Take action now — if RSI is ignored it can lead to a chronic pain condition! This website has lots of information and tools that can help you understand and respond to RSI.

We've released a new edition of our book: Pregnancy and RSI

Download the new edition of our book Pregnancy and Parenting with RSI and other arm injuries here. It's got lots of new illustrations and tips as well as stories from mothers with RSI. You can also order a physical copy for $20 here.

Our thanks go to Anupma Choudhary for the all the work she did updating and designing the new edition!

Coming up in the Chronic Conditions Seminar Series

On August 18th there will be a visit to the Independent Living Center in Weston, ACT.

The Independent Living Centre Canberra provides information and techniques that help people maintain their quality of life and independence. It has many displays which demonstrate useful gadgets and hand-friendly tools so you can try them out and find some products that will really help you in your day to day activities. Look here for more info.

New Helping Hand Sheets:Children and RSI!

Did you know that you can find all of our Helping Hand Information Sheets on our website? Including our new sheets on Children and RSI

Click here to find some things that you can do to reduce the risk of muscle pain and RSI for your child.

Our AUTUMN 2016 Newsletter is OUT NOW

In our latest edition of 'In Hand' you'll find articles like:
  • Useful meditation apps that can help you relax and manage your pain
  • Good ideas and useful tips to help you beat the cold of Winter
  • Lots of recent research including news about how a simple office stretching plan can reduce your pain
Autumn 2016- Newsletter

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